Why Were Chainsaws Invented? Shocking Facts Revealed

Social media users have been asking a lot of questions about why were chainsaws invented. As you might expect, it’s not just roots Scottish medicines. In modern times we are used to seeing the chainsaws originally used to cut down trees. So the origin of this tool is not dangerous as it is used now. In fact, this tool has been very useful since the chainsaw was invented and many users feel comfortable using it While it was invented for a bad reason. Originally, it was two Scottish surgeons who invented the first chainsaw in 1780. But why this dangerous balance was invented in the first place? This tells you everything about it.

Why was the chainsaw invented?

These chains were originally invented to help in childbirth, you have read it correctly. Babies can become entangled if they are breech or in the breech position. When they are normally in the head-first position Feet first lie down in the womb.

In the previous era If one was found to not fit or was stuck in a cavity, parts of bone and cartilage were removed to make room Which is commonly called as symphysiotomy in medical language. It is a messy procedure and it is painful as it is performed under anesthesia a sharp saw and knife were used to remove the bone.

So to make this process easier, it was invented by two Scottish surgeons in the 18th century. You’ll be glad it wasn’t like a modern helicopter horror movie Rather, But the one who has a small knife in the kitchen is like the one who has small teeth in his chain and has a wound on his hand. This ale actually made it less time consuming and easier While it is still being used today.

Who invented the chainsaw?

The high of having a terrible looking child birthing tool was actually invented in Scotland, by James Jeffray and doctors John Aitken. Two Scottish surgeons invented the chainsaw in the 1780s. John Aitken was a surgeon at the Royal Infirmary and also gave demonstrations and medical lectures to students at the university. He is widely known to have made significant improvements in the practice of surgery, such as the creation of chainsaw. But this question was in the minds of many people that why were chainsaws invented.

Dr Jeffray aur Dr Aitken together created chainsaw Dr Jeffray studied at both the University of Edinburgh and the Glasgow University. He was known for dismembering the bodies of people sentenced to death for murder.

What was a symphysiotomy?

Chainsaws also became increasingly used by doctors, who used to use them only during symphysiotomies. It used to be a procedure performed on pregnant women during childbirth. But the caesarian section has now been replaced by modern procedures.

 A symphysiotomy involves slicing through the cartilage and ligaments of a pelvic joint to widen it and allow a baby to be delivered without obstruction. For women, there were high risks of bladder injury, pain, infection and long-term walking difficulty.


A trending question in social media last year was why why were chainsaws invented top trending searches released by Google in 2020. It continues to attract almost every day something its information is not what one would expect. The Internet has a tendency to highlight questions that are not widely known. It’s just a search for some people to find inspiration and horror. Some of these trends take the user to very interesting places.

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