What dinosaur has 500 teeth meme?

What dinosaur has 500 teeth? Do you want to know about it? So, you’re at the right place. Nigersauraus now get a joke over the internet. It’s now come to a meme due to the unusual fact that it has 500 teeth. Negersauraus can be pronounced as NYE- jer- SORE- us.

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How Dinosaur get its name Nigersauraus?

The mounds of the Sahara Desert gave rise to the name Nigersauraus. multiple eras ago scientists begin a titan-sized cranium. But scientists hadn’t seen this type of thing earlier. In 1950 some bones were collected by paleontologists. But he didn’t give it any name. After some time Didier Dutheil discovered the cranium bones in Niger in 1997. These species are named after the French Paleontologist Phillippe Taquet, who worked beforehand on Nigersaurus.

currently some information about Nigersaurus

It was first begun in Niger by Philippe Taquet.

Its weight is 4 Tones.

It has 10m in length.

Nigersauraus eat shops, fields, water plants, and other green leaves.

Where I can see Nigersaurus?

You can see a famed dinosaur with 500 teeth in the National Geographic Museum’s Explorer Hall. This gallery is present in Washington and in Japan. There’s an architecture that contains 500 teeth.

What Dinosaur has 500 teeth?

Nigersaurus is the only Dinosaur that has 500 teeth. What dinosaur has 500 teeth meme? Because it has a delicate cranium and extremely wide mouth. This crazy, long-necked dinosaur is generally characterized by its straight-edged muzzle tipped with 500 exchangeable teeth.

The crowns of a narrow tooth were slightly twisted and egg in shape. But the lower jaw teeth are 20 to 30 percent junior to the upper jaw teeth. Apart from that, other teeth are the same. Within the jaw, there’s a backup of 500 teeth. So, it has 60 columns in the upper jaw and 60 columns in the lower jaw. The enamel of Nigersaurus teeth was very asymmetrical. But its external side is 10 times thicker than the inner side.

Did Nigersaurus actually have 500 teeth?

Yes! Nigersaurus has 500 teeth in real. In a specialized sense, it actually has 500 teeth because of its skull and wide jaws. So, it’s true that it has 500 teeth. Like another dinosaur, it commonly has a cranium, quick hind legs, and a tail. It’s 10m high and has a 1m femur.

So, they also have 4 tons of weight. So, you can say that Nigersaurus could have the same height and the same weight as a current elephant. But it has a small neck with only thirteen neck spines because of its body composition.

What did Nigersaurus eat?

firstly, Nigersaurus was supposed to be a herbivore. Because small teeth with pits can be seen on its jaws. As it’s a common thing in all pets that eat manufactories, grass, ferns, weed, and other soft factories. There’s one other thing that we should suppose about. At that time lawn wasn’t discovered. So, we can assume that Nigersaurus lived by eating fruits, soft plants, or perhaps steed tails. But they didn’t eat cycads, aquatic flora, or conifers because of their rigid neck and elevation.

Where did Nigersaurus live?

Nigersaurus was in Gadoufaoua, a state of Niger. Lowland beach grains with moderate reliefs and rare beaches with rough grains are set up in this area. This area was a lowland because of the Mic- cretaceous period. numerous water lands handed it with sufficient food from the ground- position foliage to keep it alive.

Lateral Teeth placement of Dinosaur:

One fascinating fact about the Nigersaurus is that it can not bite work suitably. Because of the lateral placement of teeth. So, as a result, their teeth began to rot quickly and they need a large volume of 500 teeth. In this way, the bad teeth are replaced by new teeth. Nigersaurus has a very fast recovery of teeth than any other dinosaur.


So, we can conclude that the Nigersaurus isn’t a very dangerous creature. But unfortunately, it has been extinct for millions of eras before. Now we can only see the fossils like craniums, cadres, and another body zone in the museum.

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