The Piedmont Smart Square – A Great Addition to Your Home

Smart homes are the future and they’re here to remain. A lot of and additional people are putting in good gadgets in their homes each day. smart technology makes it easier for you to manage your home, keep track of things, and create your home easier than ever before. The may be a good addition to any smart home. Offering you a large number of advantages in one easy device. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home with an affordable good device, read on to find out why the Piedmont smart square is the excellent choice for you.

What is the Piedmont smart Square?

The Piedmont smart square is a low-power square-shaped device that you just can use to attach your lights and appliances to your home’s WiFi network. It’s compatible with each android and iOS devices and can be used as a hub for your other smart devices. You can set the schedule your lights, set an alarm, and control your appliances from anyplace in the world, creating it more helpful addition to any smart home.

Why should you purchase the Piedmont smart Square?

The a big addition to any smart home, giving you a large number of advantages in one simple device. Whether you’re looking for the way to save energy, keep track of your home while you’re away, or only need to create your home a bit additional convenient, is a nice choice. Here are some reasons why you should purchase:

= Save energy with smart bulbs.

– Schedule lights once you’re away.

– Get alerts once appliances are turned on.

– Monitor indoor air quality.

– Keep track of water flow.

Benifits of the Piedmont smart square

This device offers such a lot of advantages, including remote access, scheduling, and more. Here are only some ways the Piedmont smart sq. can profit you and your home:

– Save energy

– Use to manage your lights remotely. You’ll be able to set it to regulate the lights throughout the day depending on the time of day, or use it to mechanically close up when no one is in the room.

– Monitor indoor air quality

– The also works as an air quality monitor, allowing you to stay track of the air quality in your home. You can set an aware of inform you when the air quality drops below a definite level or once your children forget to turn off their hair straighteners.

– Keep track of water flow – this may not seem to be a profit to some. But the works as a flow meter, permitting you to stay track of how much water is flowing through your pipes at any given time.

– Schedule appliances

– The works with a large type of smart appliances. So you’ll set your appliances to turn on and off whenever you wish.

– Remote access

= With the Piedmont smart square, you can access and management your appliances, lights, and the air quality monitor from anyplace in the world.


Here are some commonly asked queries relating:

How many devices can the Piedmont smart square connect to?

The Piedmont smart square can connect with over 100 different devices. So you’ll be able to simply add it to any smart device in your home.

Can anyone access the Piedmont smart Square?

No, can only be accessed by people who are more to a device’s guest list.

How can you set up the Piedmont smart Square?

The comes with associate app that will guide you through the whole set up method.

Does the Piedmont smart square work outside?

The Piedmont good sq. is weather resistant and might be used outside for up to one hundred feet. However in some way in any atmospheric condition.

Does the Piedmont good sq. work with alternative brands?

The works with a range of various brands and models.


The big addition to any home. With several options, including remote access, scheduling, and more, this device can assist you keep track of your home, save energy, and create life a bit easier. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home with an inexpensive smart device. The Piedmont smart square is the good selection.

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