Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife

Are you looking for light read or fun  takes you on a journey of relationships and love? Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife Who are you looking for. A comic book is full of heartfelt and comics moments, this book is written by Iciyuan.

This book tells the story of Luo Feng, based on the student of how he achieved success in his life. He was on his way home from school when he suddenly met a beautiful girl which her named Qing Xi. Despite being oblivious to its presence,  Luo Feng began to think of ways to get to her.

Qing Xi is Wang Xiuyan Zijing Middle School’s soccer captain and one of the popular girls among the various girls. When she sees Luo Feng staring at her, she makes no mistake as she no turns to him for cannot help.

And the rest of they story follows their journey as they slowly learn about each other and then face different challenges. After that, both of them fall in love with each other. Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife is a hilarious comedy that will make you laugh so hard that you will cry in eyes.

What is means  of to be a “school beauty.”

There are a lot of schools where there is a lot of pressure on girls to be beautiful. This can take various forms, such as being compared to others or having a boys take attentin of your appearance. Qing Xi and Luo Feng go through a lot of trouble while learning this, at least they eventually learned. It is not necessary to look beautiful on the outside, but to have a good character and a good heart from the inside.

Publish Date of Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife

it published on July 12, 2019. the main status of the is comic. This book was written by Iciyuan. Iciyuan is  a writer for the Chinese comic industry. He has wrote many popular comic books including Sweet Love Story and the Prodigal Son Returns. The artwork in Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife is beautiful breathtakingly. Every page of this book brings you an interesting scene that will make you cry tears of joy or laugh out loud.

How many Chapters is Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife

This book has about 364 chapters. Each chapter has something new to read. This book is available on multiple platforms like Amazon. He also has an official website where you can read new chapters as well.


If you are looking for another book similar to Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife, then we would suggest that you cannot lift what is not standing. This author also has a fighting comedy book that has a lot of themes such as Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife.

Many Comics Books of Iciyuan

Iciyuan has written numerous books, some of which are as follows:

  • Black Lotus
  • CEO Above, Me Below
  • My Babes Are My Wingmen!
  • My Amazing Wechat
  • My Chubby Princess
  • Spare Me, My Beauty Master
  • 99 Ways to Become Heroes by Beauty Masters
  • Spicy Wife’s Reborn World
  • The Time of Rebirth
  • Tonight Befalls Lady Vengeance

Ending of Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife

The ending of Picking Up A School Beauty To Be Wife is unknown. So the author said there would be a sequence that would focus  Qing Xi and Luo Feng’s post-marriage relationship.


Overall, Picking Up A School Beauty. So is a heartfelt and hillarious story about a man’s journey in search of love. This is a good comic for those who want to learn about relationships. This will leave you with much more impressive messages.

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