Lunar new year

The Lunar New Year is the Chinese New Year, which begins with the first few days of the lunar calendar, also known as the Spring Festival in China. Chinese This festival takes place in late January  or early of February. The date changes roughly every year, so it is roughly between January 22nd and February 21st. Lunar New Year is celebrated for 15 days while it is celebrated according to tradition.

What is the Lunar New Year mean?

Every year when the lunar year comes, there is a blessed festival of people somewhere also commonly known as Guo Nian. The festival of the year begins with spring.

History of the happy lunar new year

The Chinese people who celebrate the Lunar New Year festival are almost thousands of years old. It has evolved over a long period of time and is now celebrated throughout China. While the correct record is not correct. But some people believe that it originated from the Shang Dynasty.

How Lunar New Year celebrated?

Its tradition is still the same today that its first celebration emphasizes the importance of family. People offer money and food to their ancestors and gods in this festival Its main purpose is to have a good New Year. In the joys of the lunar year, people fought in their puts homes and gardens All this is done for their own good luck and prosperity.

 People make arrangements with the decoration of flowers and red lanterns in the lunar year. It is also believed that something called fireworks is also included in the tradition fireworks are also believed to ward off bad luck and spirits. This Lunar New Year is celebrated almost all over the world but in China it is more celebrated as a culture.


In Korea, Lunar New Year is also celebrated a lot, people here Usually most people go on dates or celebrate with their friends. Young people here bow down to their elders and then wish the new year with the The depths of their hearts. Then the elder writes a letter to his children, where he says after wishing them the best of the year. I hope you will be fine You must have been happy and healthy this year or else you will get married in this year and then give money to the bride and groom. In Korea, rice ka soup is a important meal during the new year, meat, consisting of chopped rice and other ingredients.


When the New Year comes, Chinese people are already one and then celebrate the end of the autumn harvest. Chinese celebrations of earlier years can be traced back to the era of the United States. In Chinese, this festival is celebrated as the spring festival. Chinese people who live near or far away take holidays and travel by public transport to celebrate the festival and return to their homes So that he can celebrate the festival with his family. On New Year’s Eve, people make noise and firecrackers at midnight and again the next day people go to each other’s houses and express their goodwill to each other.


Lunar New Year is considered an interesting festival in Malaysia. Lunar New Year provides an opportunity in every family to wish each other. It is common to give cards to friends and relatives. But it is the lunar year that brings the family together.


Singapore is also called an island country which is located in the southern part of Asian countries. So this country has a variety of things to enjoy at this time of year.

The following places in Singapore are mostly celebrated in the lunar year:

  • Singapore Flyer
  • Electric Sky
  • Helix Bridge
  • HI-SO Party
  • Wave House

Traditional food for the lunar new year

Food is a central part of celebrations where feasts are given to family members. So each dish has a special meaning, some unite the family, some bring good luck and some bring wealth.

Long Noodles

Most of the noodles served in southern China are traditionally prepared as a thin single strand and a very long one. The longer the noodle symbol, the longer your life.

Sweet rice cake (nian gao)

Nian Gao is made of sweet glutinous rice flour or glutinous rice flour  and can be savory depending or sweet on the region. Nian Gao Chinese people eat in the lunar year and is kept wrapped in paper a fist. Type of yearly cake that is more indigenous to southern China is made with sugar. So it is given as a gift to everyone in the lunar year.


Fish is considered one of the most important signs in the Chinese year. A fish is a sign of prosperity and wealth in the year.

Sweet Rice Balls

The balls of sweet rice are served in a deep fried or in a thin broth. These sweet balls made with rice powder and can be filled with different ingredients such as brown sugar, nuts and fruit.

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