How to teleport in Minecraft using a quick console command

The world of Minecraft has spread across the globe. In the vanilla version of the game, the world is spread over roughly 32 million blocks in the main direction. It is not counting places such as the End or the Nether. If you are fast it can take an age to get from one place to another. Fortunately, there are shortcuts. In both Bedrock and the Java versions of Minecraft, You can use any command to teleport anywhere you want. Even other players can be teleported. You will be told below how this is done.

How to teleport in Minecraft

To do this before teleporting you need to enable cheats in your minecraft world. There are many ways to enable cheats, here are two. Are you satisfied that you are starting a new world or playing into one that you have already created So both of them are easy So both of them are easy. First, press T on the keyboard to open the up-chat menu Or press the button on the controller’s D-pad. After the type /tp.

on this point, But it has a few different options. The easiest and best way to teleport around is to use approximate xyz coordinates. Xyz coordinates are everywhere in Minecraft. To find this in Java edition, Press the F3 key on the keyboard. Pause your game in Bedrock and go to settings, When you go to game settings menu, toggle on Show coordinates.

You can teleport to any location as long as you have coordinates. If you do, you can use this command such as:/tp X Y Z. For example, if you are trying to teleport to the location 80, 80, 80, you will type: /tp 80 80 80.

If you don’t know what you want to go But you must know what your direction is use the key (~).Typing /tp ~80 ~80 ~80 will warp you 80 blocks east, 80 blocks into the air, and 80 blocks south from where you are  standing. Add a minus sign before writing the number to go in opposite directions.

Teleport Commands

There are some other quick teleport commands:

  • /tp ~ 62 ~: It keeps you in one direction so it takes you to the top of the ocean level altitude. This method is for everyone If you want to change your coordinate to any other coordinate then change any coordinate with tilde.
  • /tp @e[type=EnemyName] @s: It teleports any particular nearby enemies directly to you. Any name of an enemy can be changed to whatever crowd the Placeholder has at will.
  • /tp @a @s: It teleport every player to you. Also you can replace @s with some coordinates.

How to teleport to The End and The Nether

Minecraft is a game that start you in the overworld. You can spend your time in this game as much as possible. This game is very useful for free time. this game’s two other in dimensions the End and the Nether. So you can teleport in seconds between dimension in Minecraft Java Edition.

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