How to clean your AirPods to remove earwax and improve audio quality

A few months ago, AirPods PRO was launched. AirPods are probably the most popular earbuds on the market, especially for iphone users. But just like other devices get dirty, earbuds also get dirty over time and need to be cleaned. Airpods not only fill up with dust, but they also collect dirt from the heat under your car seat. Anything you touch on a daily basis is full of germs and grease. There are some methods of how to clean airpods.

You will be surprised to hear that you can clean your AirPods yourself. To clean your AirPods and their case, you’ll need at least some water, one lint-free cloth, and a fine-edged tool like a pin. If there are more dirty spots that won’t heal, you may need some rubbing alcohol. Below are some ways to clean your airpods.

Best way to clean any AirPods

To clean your earbuds you will need a clean cloth such as a micro fiber cloth and a tool that has a good finish. The fine-edged tool can be a toothpick needle, bobby pin, dental floss stick and another household item. If you don’t want to use something sharp, you can also use a cotton swab. First, you can clean the earbuds with a swab cloth. Then clean the earbuds with a dry cloth make sure that there is no water in any part of it and dry it completely.

How to clean earwax out of AirPods

Use a fine cotton or a fine-edged cloth to clean the holes in the speakers of your earbuds. Clean around the edges of the speakers with a sponge to remove any dirt. If you are using a sharp object, use it carefully so that it does not hit you or the speaker. If you have AirPods PRO, you’ll also need to clean the silicone tips that are on each side of the earbuds. Now remove the silicon tips that cover the AirPods PRO earbuds and then wash them in water.

When you clean it remember not to clean it with soap or any household cleaner. Clean them with a soft and smooth cloth and let the cloth dry completely. When it’s thoroughly dry, pair it with the AirPods again.To remove the tips of the AirPods PRO, pull firmly from the base of the tip where it is attached to the earbud.

To reattach it, align the tip with the first-shaped connectors on the earbud speakers and push it in. It should connect easily when you align its connectors.

How to clean AirPods case

To clean the AirPods case, remove the AirPods and wipe the outside of the case with a dry cloth. For tough stains, lightly moisten the cloth with alcohol then start drying the spots. Make sure there is no water in the charging port or inside the AirPods holders of the case. Use any soft brush to remove debris from the charging port so that the case is well cared for. Use a soft brush or brush with toothpaste to clean the entire interior of the case. While the bristle brush cleans the inside of the case thoroughly.

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