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We know that according to the calendar there are 52 weeks in a year, but we do not know how many weeks there are in an academic year. Did you also know that the number of weeks can vary depending on the region or state you live in?. As Chile has more than three months of summer vacation which is the longest. Their are holidays from December to March in the southern hemisphere. Maybe you don’t know how many weeks in a school year year in America.

How many weeks are in a school year?

Let’s find out how many school weeks there are in a year in America. This is 25 or 26 weeks from the national level including weekly holidays. If you exclude holidays that do not include weekends, the academic year spread out from 33 to 37 weeks. So the number of weeks depends on their state or other factors their needs. But those who in public schools are required to start and end by a particular date while private schools have the freedom to follow their own schedule.

How many days are in a America school year?

As already mentioned above, the answers vary depending on the state you live in. According to the national standard, average school days range from 174 to 180. But every year in one state, fortunately, children enjoy at least 160 days of school minimum requirement each year. Keep reading to find out what which states. How many weeks can does that equate to? And how many days are in a school year in every state continue reading this article to find out.

There are some weeks of school in each United State state?

Let’s find out how many weeks there are in a school year. We will share with you how many days there are in an academic year with an list. This list is state-by-state.

  • South Dakota: Determined by individual school district
  • South Carolina: 180 days minimum
  • Rhode Island: 180 days minimum
  • Pennsylvania: 180 days minimum
  • Oregon: Hourly requirement only
  • Oklahoma: 180 days minimum
  • Ohio: Determined by individual school districts
  • North Dakota: Hourly requirement only
  • North Carolina: 185 days minimum
  • New York: 180 days minimum
  • New Mexico: Hourly requirement only
  • New Jersey: 180 days minimum
  • New Hampshire: 180 days minimum
  • Nevada: 180 days minimum
  • Nebraska: Hourly requirement only
  • Montana: Determined by individual school districts
  • Missouri: Hourly requirement only
  • Mississippi: 180 days minimum
  • Minnesota: 165 days minimum
  • Massachusetts: 180 days minimum
  • Maryland: 180 days minimum
  • Maine: 180 days minimum
  • Louisiana: 177 days minimum
  • Kentucky: 170 days minimum
  • Kansas: 186 days minimum
  • Iowa: 180 days minimum
  • Indiana: 180 days minimum
  • Illinois: 177-185 days minimum
  • Idaho: Determined by individual school districts
  • Hawaii: 180 days minimum
  • Georgia: 180 days minimum
  • Florida: 180 days minimum
  • Washington, DC: 180 days minimum
  • Delaware: Hourly requirement only
  • Connecticut: 180 days minimum
  • Colorado: 160 days minimum
  • California: 176-180 days minimum
  • Arkansas: 178 days minimum
  • Arizona: 180 days minimum
  • Alaska: 180 days minimum
  • Alabama: 180 days minimum

29 states and the District of Columbus require at least 180 school days a year, which averages out to approxmately 36 weeks. Varies by city or state, county or school district.  In the US, the academic year starts from August, while it runs until June of the following year. You may have seen which state has the least number of school days. While children in Colorado attend school 160 days a year, that’s four weeks less than the rest of the country.

What times of day do American students attend school?

While compared to other countries, the US has fixed start and end times. Here we provide you some state middle school and high school starting time.

  • Wyoming: 7:59 AM
  • Wisconsin: 7:59 AM
  • West Virginia: 7:54 AM
  • Washington: 8:08 AM
  • Virginia: 8:04 AM
  • Vermont: 8:05 AM
  • Utah: 8:05 AM
  • Texas: 8:05 AM
  • Tennessee: 7:57 AM
  • South Dakota: 8:13 AM
  • South Carolina: 8:03 AM
  • Rhode Island: 7:50 AM
  • Pennsylvania: 7:48 AM
  • Oregon: 8:14 AM
  • Oklahoma: 8:10 AM
  • Ohio: 7:52 AM
  • North Dakota: 8:31 AM
  • North Carolina: 8:03 AM
  • New York: 7:59 AM
  • New Mexico: 8:10 AM
  • New Jersey: 8:00 AM
  • New Hampshire: 7:46 AM
  • Nevada: 7:51 AM
  • Nebraska: 8:07 AM
  • Montana: 8:13 AM
  • Missouri: 7:54 AM
  • Mississippi: 7:47 AM
  • Minnesota: 8:18 AM
  • Michigan: 7:54 AM
  • Massachusetts: 7:53 AM
  • Maryland: 7:55 AM
  • Maine: 7:53 AM
  • Louisiana: 7:40 AM
  • Kentucky: 8:03 AM
  • Kansas: 8:00 AM
  • Iowa: 8:23 AM
  • Indiana: 7:58 AM
  • Illinois: 8:13 AM
  • Idaho: 8:13 AM
  • Hawaii: 8:03 AM
  • Georgia : 8:09 AM
  • Florida: 8:17 AM
  • District of Columbia: 7:58 AM
  • Delaware: 7:42 AM
  • Connecticut: 7:46 AM
  • Colorado: 7:54 AM
  • California: 8:07 AM
  • Arkansas: 8:01 AM
  • Arizona: 8:03 AM
  • Alaska: 8:33 AM
  • Alabama: 7:49 AM

Therefore, across the country, school starts before 8:00 AM. Which often disturbs the sleep of teenagers and children. So it’s a lot of trouble for parents who work a traditional nine-to-five job. Most of the schools end around 2 pm to 3 pm.

What are the main school holidays in the US?

How do you like a calendar when talking about school holidays? We will tell you a list of national holidays, which is equivalent to a day off for American students in September.

  • Memorial Day (the last Monday in month of May)
  • Presidents Day (the third Monday in month of February)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (the third Monday in month of January)
  • Thanks giving  Day (the fourth Thursday in month of November, as well as the Friday after)
  • Veterans Day (11 November)
  • Columbus Day (the second Monday in month of October)
  • Labor Day (the first Monday in month of September)

Of all the holidays in America, the big is the national holiday, which falls on the 4th of July every year. It’s almost the middle of summer so it rarely affects the academic year system.

How many weeks in a school year in other countries?

You may have known that the difference in the number of weeks of the academic year in the United States has been known, but how does it compare with other countries?. Here we show you the list of other countries.

  • South Korea: 220 days/31 weeks
  • South Africa: 200 days/28 weeks
  • Japan: 230 days/33 weeks
  • Italy: 200 days/28 weeks
  • India: 294 days/40 weeks
  • France: 160 days/24 weeks
  • England: 190 days/27 weeks
  • China: 245 days/35 weeks

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