2021 was the year of nail polish trends. There was hardly a work of art that wasn't worth a screenshot for us. And let me tell you: the hype is real, because what was just a nail polish color a long time ago is now nail art. Now, of course, we're wondering what's trending in 2022. We will also show you which nail polish colors and trends are no longer popular in 2022. There are some current nail polish trends. purple tones One thing is certain: purple tones are very popular nail fashion on this year! Once the love for violet nails has been discovered, it is now a matter of finding the right tone. If you like it a little more subtle, you can use a light lilac nail polish. The delicate shade is an absolute eye-catcher in both spring and summer. However, if the color of the nails may be stronger, a slightly darker lavender nail polish is a perfect choice. Very Peri is totally trendy! Can't decide which shade of purple has taken your heart by storm? No problem! Simply combine them with each other and let your spring fever run wild! Sandstone This year our beautiful heart not only beats for purple nails but also for nails with a sandstone look. The trendy sandstone nail polish color is a mixture of beige and orange. The nuances of sandstone nail polish can vary, just like sandstone. The trend nail polish in sandstone look is particularly suitable for tanned skin. The nail polish is also perfect for a day at the beach and is therefore guaranteed to be one of our summer favorites! Purple nail polish The color mauve got its name after the flower "wild mallow" (French: mauve). The color can be categorized as reddish purple or rosy lilac. Garments, accessories but also nails in mauve are an absolute eye-catcher! The creamy, pastel shade makes you feel like spring! So let's go and try this beautiful nail polish tone right away. Tangerine nail polish A strong shade of orange creates a real summer feeling, doesn't it? Tangerine nail polish lifts the mood and brings a warm yet bright color to your look. Stars like Megan Fox are also opting for the stylish tangerine nail polish this spring and summer. jelly nails The colors are reminiscent of jelly and flip-flops from the 90s: the jelly nails. With pastel colors in a special transparent look, it's totally trendy in summer. Colorful and light, the jelly colors set the mood for summer and leave plenty of scope for unique designs. You can easily conjure up the Jelly Nails yourself. Nude nail polish Do you always have a bad feeling about nude nail polish? As if the idea is always better than the result? we understand. But the days of the nude as a synonym for a fleshy liverwurst tone and the blurring of skin and nail color into a dead entity are over. In 2022, nude nail polish means natural nail art in a delicate, light color from cool beige to powdery rose nail polish (tip: always looks like a professional manicure). Nude nail polish is not applied opaquely, your own nail should shine through - so you always look well-groomed and shiny. A trend that actually proves sustainability: once brushed on = well-groomed hands all week long. No nail polish If nude nail polish is not enough for you, you can try the no-nail polish look. As with the no-makeup look, this also creates the impression that no nail polish is being worn at all. Transparent and slightly shiny, this is how the Chanel models now presented themselves on the catwalk with the no-nail polish. Decent! Blue nail polish Mystical dark blue already cast a spell over us in 2021 and may remain so in 2022. This year, ink blue or electric blue is at the top of our nail art list as a trend update. Short, rounded nails go particularly well with rich, dark tones like this one. Some gold jewelry on top and we wave with the typical royal hand movement almost automatically. Because we definitely don't just paint our nails with the trend color blue, but at least as much elegance on our nails. There's a delicate update in baby blue and mint for the warmer summer months.

One of the most difficult aspects of a relationship is realizing and accepting that the end of the fairy tale does not happen. When Celebrity Advocate (CA) and Dashing Personality (DP) started dating, everything remained private until paparazzi photos of their dinner were uploaded. They could no longer deny that something was brewing. However, as always, many indulged in their chemistry and rejected their relationship.

Buoyed by the crowd’s reaction, CA just found joy and DP seemed to be the answer. The diversity made up for the supposed gap in life choices. Only when they decided to make the pact a reality did the public allow them to get away with it.

Being a celebrity, CA might stay out of the spotlight for a while. Meanwhile, DP has adjusted to his reality of living with CA. They quickly gained the admiration of the public as they were able to pursue their interests. Unfortunately, time is the great revealer of life.

Fashion pulis followers noticed signs that the fairy tale was in trouble and it appeared first in the hidden element of this site.

However, CA and DP declined to address the issue directly. One persistent rumor is that CA has left his home, which he neither confirmed nor denied similarly. The most famous whisper these days is that CA made a decision that would affect his career and love status.

Presumably, CA will soon make his home abroad, far from a country that shattered his fantasy dream with DP.

“I’ve been to many places/some totally/weird and remote/but I’ve always come back to myself.” Dejan Stojanovic

They tried

Some time ago, Relaxed Beau (RB) and Female Celebrity faced pressure to transition their relationship to a permanent state.

The falling in love part was easy. Over time, RB and FC got to know each other better. They saw how everyone acted like normal people, no longer in the picture of the roles they played in projects or how their management told them to go to public places. Being together brought out the best and worst in each of us. Spending time together showed that they were looking for something else and that initial love wasn’t enough.

Before they said goodbye to their heartbeat relationship because they could no longer coexist, RB and FC tried to salvage what they had. Contrary to the public perception that the two simply went with the flow, which meant ending the relationship effortlessly, the two reportedly tried to salvage their relationship by attending therapy. In other words, they didn’t just leave each other alone. They tried, but the advice wasn’t enough to stay together.

Given the inevitable end, RB and fashion pulis parted, but kept civil with each other. The world in which they are moving is small and they cannot avoid bumping into each other. However, the two showed that breaking up was the best decision they made.

“We do our best to hide everything we really feel from those who perhaps need to know our true feelings. People try to suppress their emotions, as if it were somehow wrong to have normal reactions to life.” – Colin Hoover

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