Famous murder case story Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

It was in 2007 when a devastating murder case occurred, i.e., gabriel kuhn and Daniel Patry. During this case, each the dead boy and the murderer were teenagers. Famous murder case story: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. Consistent with a few of the reports, the victim of the case, gabriel kuhn, was just twelve years recent, whereas the murderer was sixteen years previous.

Both were gamers and got along for 2 reasons one was but they were neighbours, and the second was that each were playing a similar game known as the tibia. Since their interests were a similar, that’s why they became best friends, because consistent with medical reports, Daniel Patry was mentally unstable and would quickly get angry at little things. Famous murder case story: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry.

Daniel Patry was smart at the same game and would earn many digital coins in the game. Many he would lend digital coins to his different friends in his neighbourhood. One day he additionally lent 20,000 digital coins to his friends gabriel kuhn, and things got worse. When kuhn refused to pay upon Patry’s request.

How murder happened: gabriel kuhn and Daniel Patry

According to official authorities, gabriel kuhn and Daniel Patry were best friends. They would play a similar game known as tibia but Patry would have several digital coins he would lend to his friends. One day kuhn asked him for a few coins in return. Patry shared 20,000 digital coins with him, because when Patry asked to come back his coins, kuhn refused to do that, which created Patry furious and determine, to kill him.

He brutally killed kuhn by stabbing him with a sharp tool. Still, initially, the investigation team had no plan regarding the killer till they any investigated. The popular murder case of the teen gamers and researched out the killer was nobody else because his sixteen years old fiend- Daniel Patry.

Patry was sentenced to jail for 3 years, and it’s expected that once 3 years, he was released but h was below 18. Otherwise, he could be in jail for the relax of his life.

Patry’s parent’s reaction

According to numerous reports, his parents were beautiful and gentle people, and they had no unhealthy terms with. Anyone in the neighbourhood, that means Patry’s upbringing was in a friendly family. Moreover, his parents more that they had noticed some psychological changes in Patry’s behaviour as. He would get angry at small talk, and his tutorial performance was significantly dropped. He would keep alone most of the time without socializing with family and the neighbourhood.

They even showed him to a psychiatrist as a result of his condition was worsening daily.


The case of gabriel kuhn and Daniel Patry became popular once more, and folks on the net often talk about it, particularly gaming enthusiasts. The murder occurred as a result of kuhn refusing to pay back 20,000 digital coins. To Patry, that Patry had attained in the game. Famous murder case story: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry. The total price of those coins in today’s time value around $1.75, which price kuhn his life. Finally, Patry was tested the murderer and was sent to jail for 3 years.

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