6 Libraries in Chandigarh For Those Who Love Reading

Just like other big towns in India, Chandigarh has some famous libraries. multiple of you’ll agree to the fact that a library isn’t just a room full of books, it’s a room of ideas, a room where history comes to life. It’s said that if you have endured life in a library you have known everything. A library isn’t just for preparing for examinations, a library is a place where your brain is full of ideas and where you get to know your own self. 6 Libraries in Chandigarh For Those Who Love Reading. However, also our town beautiful has quite a decent number of libraries. If we talk about Chandigarh. We’ve listed some well-known ones below

Libraries in Chandigarh

From the library at Panjab University Chandigarh to British Library and from State Library to Browser. Chandigarh has a wide variety. When it comes to libraries in the city.

A.C. Joshi Library, Chandigarh

Named after an illustrious Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, A. C. Joshi Library was established in the U.S. Club, Shimla in the year 1947. This library in Chandigarh is centrally air-conditioned and has a seating accommodation of over 500 readers. A.C. Joshi Library has more than 6.4 Lakh. Publications including books and bound volumes of journals. Theses/dissertations, rare books, reports, government documents, back files of newspapers, and much more. A.C. Joshi is the only library in Chandigarh which operates 24*7.

The Browser Library And Bookstore

The surfer library has integrated the generality of a library and a bookstore. Established in 1997, The Browser Library And Bookstore are one of the smart libraries in Chandigarh. It’s located in one of the posh sectors of Chandigarh. The surfer has over 20000 collections comprising fantasy to non-fiction to children’s books. The store specializes in getting books on demand.

British Council Library, Elante Mall

British Council has different types of books like fantasy, short stories, drama, poetry, graphic novels, and lower books. This Chandigarh Library also has digital magazines. E-journals,e-movies, e-literature, and CDs and DVDs. British Library has different enrollment plans and indeed non-members can stop nearby. Browse and read books which makes the British Library one of the most popular libraries in Chandigarh.

The State Library, Sector 34 Chandigarh

The State Library, Sector 34 Chandigarh was inaugurated on 14th August 1995. The state library is one of the biggest libraries in Chandigarh. It has 3 bottoms and is spread over an area of another than 2400sq yard. The basement section of the library has a children’s section, an obtainment section, a binding section, and a large reading room. The ground floor has a sprawling paper, magazine section, a reading – room, a lobby, and an office. The first bottom of the library has a circle section, a specialized section, and a reference section.

Central State Library, Sector 17, Chandigarh

At theT.S Central State Library, you’ll find multiple pupils, study scholars, and children. T.S Central State Library is one of the oldest libraries in Chandigarh. This State Library in Sector 17 has academic and well-academic books. You’ll find reference books, blocks, soft toys, recreational games, and a lot of others. For the convenience of people living in far-away areas, T.S Central State Library has a mobile library service as well.

Beant Singh Memorial Library, Chandigarh

6 Libraries in Chandigarh For Those Who Love Reading. The Beant Singh Memorial Library has books all the books related to faiths including Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Confucianism, Indian legend, history of different countries, Indian epics, biographies of Indian personalities, world wars, and on religious and artistic movements. Beant Singh Memorial Library in Chandigarh’s sector 42 has a really good seating arrangement.

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